Substance Abuse Counseling

Addiction, Alcoholism, and Substance Abuse Counseling

I believe addiction and substance abuse are really about trauma, shame, and fear. Because the body holds trauma and shame, which is felt as anxiety, sadness, and pain, it is natural to reach towards substances that provide relief.

As a Freedom Therapist, I use a holistic and mindfulness-based approach that will help you dissolve the links between addiction, substance abuse, trauma, shame, and fear. Through our work, your traumas will transmute and release from your mind, body, and soul, and a freedom unlike anything you ever could have imagined will emerge within you and manifest in your external life. You will begin to “rest” in the real you and make conscious choices from this most authentic—you.

Close your eyes and imagine—for just a few seconds—what your life would look like if you were freed from the prison of addiction, substance abuse, and the underlying trauma, shame and fear that keep them alive. This healing process will reveal the most beautiful, amazing, and genuine person you will ever know…..YOU!

And as you step out of the prison of the past and step into your most authentic self, I will help you develop a vision for your new life filled with purpose, happiness, love, and FREEDOM!