It’s time for the ultimate life breakthrough

Could today be the start of your new life? Personal freedom that surpassed temporally feeling good and taps in to a deeper source of joy, inspiration, and durable fulfillment today!

Start changing your life in 30 minutes! Schedule my FREE session now!

It’s time for the ultimate life breakthrough

Could today be the start of your new life? Make a life change that surpassed temporally feeling good and taps in to a deeper source of joy, inspiration, and durable fulfillment today!

Start changing your life in 30 minutes! Schedule my FREE session now!

At Freedom’s Edge, You will learn to the art and science of deep, conscious, and courageous living and personal freedom. How to cast aside limiting beliefs and surrender to your highest calling in life, love, and career.

Here are a few questions to see how we can help you today?

  • Do you feel stuck in a never ending cycle of boredom, frustration, self-imposed limitation as though you have abandoned your true life’s calling years ago and haven’t looked back?

  • Do you wake up feeling lost and adrift, as though you can’t even remember what a life guided by purpose and inspiration even looks like?

  • Do you have big dreams you are not living, because you feel paralyzed by fear and doubt?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then you may already be asking yourself what do I have to do to break out of this perpetual cycle of emotional pain and spiritual suffering?
Let us assure you that you are in right place, as we have have one primary purpose and message that we wish to share with all those who suffer:

Today can be the start of your new life.
One filled with healing, joy, and personal freedom.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…”Marianne Williams

Here at Freedom’s Edge we take a unique spiritual approach to personal freedom, helping uncover who you are, and what your meant to be.

It’s time to listen deeply to the whisper of your true purpose. No matter where you are at on your journey towards higher purpose, a more meaningful and blissful life can be yours filled with personal freedom.

Living FREE is what I am about. I am passionate about helping people discover what they were called to planet earth to be, do, and achieve. I continue to be amazed at the wisdom within human beings when they consciously decide to go deep. Over the last 25 years, I have spent thousands of hours developing my own personal approach to living FREE. I have uncovered my own personal algorithm of Freedom. I have worked with countless teachers and enlightened beings to develop my approach to healing you to Freedom and now I want to share it with you.

Our vision for you is simple:

To help you realize your dreams of a life centered around
healing, well-being, love, personal freedom, joy and gratitude.

Make the shift from fear to freedom.

The reality of life is that we all deal with challenges. If you can suspend judgment and not view them as good or bad and simply see them as invitations to grow and change you’re already ahead of the curve.

I started Freedom’s edge with a deep desire to see people live free on a mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical level. I have worked with people over the last 25 years professionally and personally from all walks of life and stage of development. In this time, I’ve noticed that unfortunately most people move through life experiencing a lack of joy, serenity, and personal freedom. What makes it even more challenging is that in many cases this suffering and pain is self-inflicted and completely unnecessary. People construct their own prisons of consciousness because they don’t explore all the different mindsets and choices that are available to them. It’s hard to break out of the prison when you’re reconstructing the jail unconsciously from moment to moment.

When you’re stuck in a vicious cycle of pain and personal frustration you need a competent and compassionate professional with insight and guidance you can trust. I’ve spent tens of thousands of hours reading and studying, working with people directly one on one and in groups, and traveled around the world to study directly at the feet of some of the most respected and evolved teachers in the field of personal growth and enlightenment . I would like to be the one to share with you that your life can change! In place of fear and pain you can enjoy serenity and personal freedom.

The approach we take is both evidenced-based and spiritual. This highly specialized process looks different for every person. I take pride in respecting the sovereignty of every individual belief system. Our primary purpose is to nurture and support your growth with the right tools, practices, and mindsets.

Start living a life full of happiness,
serenity, and gratitude and personal freedom.

Get started today by requesting a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL 30 minute phone consultation

Why should I believe you can help me?

The question you’re probably asking is “Why should I believe what you say Matt?”. And my answer to you is that you SHOULDN’T just blindly believe me. In fact, I would recommend that as we work together you approach the coaching and materials I present with a healthy skepticism, and a “scientific” perspective.

With that in mind there are two things that I want to you know right up front:

  • First of all I think you’ll find that I’m not interested in things that don’t work. I like stuff that gets results. And BIG results, at that.
  • Secondly every program of action, coaching session, and product that I offer comes with a full 100% money back guarantee.

You see I want you to TRY what you learn from me because life is your laboratory. And this feels only fair to me; because if you’re willing to live bravely and set your fears aside commit you doing what it takes to live your romantic dreams and do the work, then I’m willing to fully commit that the programs and coaching I offer should be of the highest quality and yield noticeable, IMMEDIATE, and results when used correctly. And if you If you don’t get results IMMEDIATELY, then I will give you a full refund… no questions asked. I’m serious, that’s how confident I am I can create the big shift (from fear to love) that you have been yearning for in your romantic life.

And ONLY after you’ve seen firsthand that what I offer is REAL and WORKS you will believe me.

I’m a person, and as a person I have my flaws. But I also think my that coaching, guidance, programs I offer is some of the most relevant, profound, and powerful resources out there. Impeccability with my word is the centerpiece of my business ethos and I stand behind my work wholeheartedly.

I sincerely hope you give yourself the gift to experience life changing transformation in consciousness that Freedom’s Edge has to offer first hand.

Dr. Matt Helm