What is Freedom Therapy?

Freedom is your most important tool in creating happiness in love, relationships, business, parenting, and in all aspects of your life. Freedom Therapy is and art and science. It's the true medicine needed for you to reach your highest potential in your life.

Freedom’s Edge is place that I have personally gone. This journey to this edge took me a long time. I, like many of you, was under the delusion that I was truly free, but I was sadly mistaken. The pain of living false and not living authentically, as my REAL self, caused tremendous suffering in my own life and subsequently to those closest to me.

As I began awakening, I decided to undertake a process to discover what kept me and countless others imprisoned is a state of “unreal” or unconscious. Why did I feel so powerless, like I was lacking, unworthy, or afraid. Taking action from this place is very limited. My awakening led to a passion to know more deeply who I was and to an insatiable desire for freedom– mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual that I wish to share with you through our unique Freedom Therapy process.

“To be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”

– Nelson Mandela

So what does it mean to be completely free in every area of our life?

It means that choices related to life, love, purpose and career emerge in the present moment, always pure. We have a depth of wisdom, love, and intelligence available to us that is only to be found by transitioning from fear to love. Marianne Williamson suggests that a miracle is a change from fear to love. The mission of Freedom’s Edge, and the Freedom Therapy we offer is to help you achieve this miracle in your own life.

Whether you are seeking to build a life that matters to you or to find the love of your life, Freedom’s Edge is here to help you remember who you really are– a beautiful, powerful, amazing person with unlimited potential.

If we look at most of the challenges that people face, we see that these challenges are the product of something that is false in them, that keep them afraid, feeling paralyzed to take action towards their highest potential. But in reality, you are limitless potential.

There is nothing more important than allowing yourself to grow into the highest version of yourself. Holistic Self Inquiry allows us to go in to dissolve physical (trauma), mental, and emotional wounds that inhibit us from our true nature and what is REAL. As we dissolve these barriers, a deeper knowing, and wisdom emerges. New solutions emerge that are born of our whole, true, and real self.

We are dedicated to helping you rediscover your passion for living.

We offer Freedom Therapy in the following areas:

Personal Growth

Are you facing a personal crisis, or transition? Or are you simply looking to touch deeper levels of happiness and freedom in a already great life? We're here to help. Navigate though life's most challenging and exciting times with grace, poise, and confidence.

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If you wake up in the morning and in your heart you know that the passion and enthusiasm has bled out of your professional life then we'd like to help you rediscover your true purpose with a career that you love and are passionate about everyday.

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Find lasting happiness in the arms of your true love. Create a lasting connection with your new partner that goes far beyond physical attraction, one that sparks a deep and commonly shared emotional and spiritual bond. Let us show you how today!

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Are you ready to work with us?

Freedom’s Edge freedom therapy process is a trusted authority for psychotherapy, coaching, and changing lives. The centerpiece of our freedom therapy is creating a positive and permanently shifts in our client’s lives and in the community abroad. From bringing online training sessions vividly to life, one on one in person coaching, or creating stirring live events, we provide powerful coaching and training individuals and organizations around the globe who are ready to transform radically and embrace all power and freedom life has to offer.

We pride ourselves on fostering new mindsets and sharing life-changing plans of action that allow human beings to live healthier, happier lives. We are ambitiously committed to unleashing the full potential of humanity and working with on a global scale to spread the light of freedom and enlightenment; and are open to working with other organizations that feel the same way. If you’re ready to do the to join us on this bold mission of hope and change then we look forward to hearing from you today!

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