How does therapy with you work?

My biggest goal in working with clients is to make sure they are getting exactly what they need out of our work together. I try to find a balance of being both structured in the work that we do but also flexible to accommodate the changing needs of every individual client.

I work with you to help you understand what you are feeling not only in your heart and mind but also in your body so that you can recognize emotions as they are happening.

I also work with you to identify negative patterns that have developed over time either with you or with you and your partner. We then work to interrupt those patterns by identifying underlying emotions that trigger those negative cycles and keep them in motion. By disclosing the emotional process underneath the negative cycle, you are able to recognize what’s really happening when these negative patterns start to show up.

How does therapy help?

One way that therapy helps is by providing a safe, confidential place for you to process your pain with a trained therapist. The therapist’s training helps them not only effectively listen to you from a non-judgmental, unbiased position, but also to help guide you towards a deeper understanding and help to explore underlying issues that might result in unwanted patterns that show up in your day-to-day life.

I believe that teaching people how to turn towards and listen to their deepest emotions will change the world. Learning how to be curious about those emotions will help you to see them for the life-giving guides that they are.

How do I setup an appointment as a new client?

How do I set up an appointment with you?

1. Send me a message or call me at 1-517-927-5554

2. When we talk, I’ll ask you some questions about what you are looking for in therapy and if I can help.

3. If we both decide that I would be a good fit for you, I’ll email you the intake paperwork and schedule your 1st session.

What should I expect as a new client?

The first 2-3 sessions usually involve going over opening paperwork, gathering information and setting goals. Some counselors approach therapy in a very precise way while others collaborate more with you on a weekly basis and are more flexible in their approach. Some therapists make treatment plans to measure progress towards goals and others may not. There are benefits to all approaches to treatment but it’s important to make sure that your therapist’s approach makes you feel cared for and comfortable.

Do you take insurance?

I currently take Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Medicare, and McLaren.

What are your fees?

  • Avg Cost (per session): $150 – $180
  • Sliding Scale: Yes
  • Accepts Insurance: Yes

Accepted Payment Methods:
American Express, Cash, Check, Discover, Mastercard, Paypal, Visa

How long will this take I see changes and growth?

Depending on what you want to focus on in therapy, treatment can be relatively brief (2-6 months) or last several years. It really depends on what you want and again you can ask any questions you might have for more information.

As I mentioned above, It’s most important that you are comfortable with whomever you see so feel free to ask questions and get a feel for whatever counselor you choose during your initial sessions.

If you would like to set up an appointment please give me a call:517-236-7078